When she was saved, she weighed just 200 grams, yet she clung to life and didn’t give up // w

Puppies need their mom’s milk and warmth to live and be healthy. They can’t have enough milk until they are at least seven to eight weeks old. It’s really important for them to have their mom there to take care of them.

Sometimes, puppies who don’t have a home or a mom may not be able to stay alive. This is what happened to Lily when she went to the animal shelter in San Jose.

A kind person found Lily all by herself and she was very lucky to survive. It took two days for Lily to start feeling better after drinking special milk. The doctors taking care of the girl didn’t know if she would live, but she surprised everyone by holding on to life. The tired animal took a long nap to become strong again.

Lily is feeling much better because the doctors and nurses are helping her. Babies are safer and healthier when they are with their moms. If a baby is taken away from their mom before it’s safe, it can be bad for their health and chances of living.

If you think the mommy fish won’t come back to get her babies, bring them to the animal doctor right away. This pretty fish will definitely find a new family who will love and take care of her like a child. She is so beautiful!

There’s a really nice story about animals that we should share with others to help them understand. We need to help animals that need our help.