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The Beagle breed was bred to be hunters. They are of the hound dog class and are used for their smelling and scent tracking abilities. They were often used to sniff out hare in hunting expeditions.

They are stout dogs with good temperaments and very loyal dogs. They have a high energy level, which also comes in handy for hunters who need their dog to be energetic and not lazy. The Beagle is one of the most popular breeds to be kept as house pets, due to their good nature, their compact size, and their adorable looks with the floppy ears.

Over the years as more and more people moved toward loving anything small-sized or toy, breeders began to downsize breeds of dogs to mimic the look of the original breed, just a smaller scale dog.

The same thing happened with the Beagle. Although the Beagle is not a large breed, itself, having a smaller Beagle seemed, somehow, even cuter.

If you have seen a mini-Beagle, you may have been interested in buying one for a pet for your family. Before you do, watch video to learn 7 things you didn’t know about the Mini-Beagle.