Heart Touched, the dog used a kiss to encourage the owner to overcome the surgery..!

When a heart patient is having treatment, their dog has always been there to comfort them. Magnus has always tried to help the patient feel better, and his efforts have had a big impact on Mr. Benson’s recovery. Despite being a healthy person who exercises and eats a good diet, Mr. Benson, who is 50 years old, from Manhattan, USA, still has to deal with symptoms of shortness of breath and pain at the end of January this year.

The boy’s ankle was very swollen and red. At first, he didn’t think it was a big deal and only noticed that his leg was a little bit higher when he went to bed at night. However, in the morning, he noticed that the condition was getting worse, after exercising at home. He began to feel short of breath and heavy in his chest. It was only then that he gradually realized that something was wrong.

The dog always respects the no-noise rule in the hospital

Mr. Benson went to the hospital on January 13 because he was having trouble breathing. The doctors there did a lot of tests to figure out what was wrong. They finally confirmed that Mr. Benson had a rare cardiomyopathy, which is a disease that affects the heart muscle. This disease caused his heart to fail and make it difficult for him to breathe. But fortunately, his arteries were not blocked.

Mr. Benson was hospitalized for severe symptoms and it was very depressing in the hospital. However, he was well because he was always surrounded by his daughters and many friends who visited him frequently. Additionally, his pet dog Magnus was with him all the time, providing comfort.

Magnus is a Labrador Retriever and he has a beautiful, golden coat. His owners, Mr. Benson and his family, only intended to keep him as a family pet when they bought him, but they soon realized that he had special abilities as a therapy dog. Magnus is very compassionate and affectionate with Mr. Benson’s daughters, which seems to make them feel better.


The dog is always watching, forcing the owner to eat and drink on time

From the video that Mr. Benson shared, it can be seen that whether he is examining, receiving treatment or even sleeping, Magnus is always close by, always trying to comfort him with gentle hugs and kisses. These moments have had a huge impact on recovery as well as making Mr. Benson more comfortable during painful treatment