This Terrified Puppy Spent 6 Hours Stuck inside a Pipe has been Rescued After a Police Officer Dug 2 Holes in a Garden and a House to Pull Him Out

After being held captive for over six hours, a puppy was freed from an underground water pipe. The poor pup was captured in a terrible photo during the rescue. As Monica Kawahisa Yoshioka, the owner of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, relied on him, the one-month-old puppy has been named Donatello. The sad pug in the picture was stuck inside a tight space. A rescue team helped get him out, and he died in the process.

A puppy fell into a pipeline opening last weekend and was stuck there. Monica, the puppy’s owner, tried to help the puppy for four hours, but it was hard because the puppy was gone. Then the owner became worried when the puppy stopped whining. She called the municipal jail officers.

At first, we thought we could get Donatello out by pulling him out of the tube by force, but he didn’t want to come out. He was killed by the Sao Paulo Civil Guards after being hit by a funnel while he was on a property in Guara, in southeast Brazil. One of Donatello’s six puppies was injured last weekend after it slipped into a pipeline opening that was being fixed by workers. After being knocked unconscious by the funnel, Donatello was killed by the Sao Paulo Civil Guards in a two-hour operation.

The police broke the pipe and it broke into pieces. The dog licked some of the pieces and we weren’t sure where he was. I asked some friends to help me find the dog, but we couldn’t. I was about to cry when he stopped making noise because I thought he might die. The police excavated two holes in a two-hour operation. One was in the hallway and the other was in the yard.

The agents tried to find the dog by breaking tiles on the floor, but they were not successful. They asked some friends to help, but they were not able to lift the object. When the dog stopped making any noises, I started to cry from fear that he might die. In a two-hour operation, the police dug two holes in the corridor and in the garden. They searched the floor by smashing tiles, but they were not able to find the dog. To find the creature and confirm that it was still alive, they took pictures inside the pipe.

For four hours, Monica, a 35-year-old woman, tried to calm Donatello. Amarildo Aparecido dos Santos, a civil warden, said: “They placed a mobile phone in the cage to locate the pup.” found. Police found a hole close to a puppy and pulled out the earth covering the PVC piping. The puppy was then pushed from behind using a garden hose that had been placed down the pipe in the opening made in the corridor. The dog’s owner was able to drag the trapped pup to safety.

Monica went outside like usual to feed the puppies and their mother, but she noticed one of the puppies was muttering. After hearing a noise coming from underground, she realized the pup had fallen into a hole caused by a leak in the pipe.

Finally, the bewitched creature was released, unharmed but very dirty. He had just been thoroughly cleaned when this photo was taken. In a video of the rescue, Monica can be seen bending over a broken water pipe in the garden and reaching in. She tried to lure the dog outside by tapping on the side of the truck for a short period of time. An officer meanwhile uses a hose to push the dog from behind. Finally, the bewitched creature was released, unharmed but very dirty. This could have disastrous consequences, Monica continued.


The municipal guards tried their best to save the animal captive, but it was already too late. The puppy is back home and seems to be doing well.