This man efforts to revive 13 emaciated dogs at the animal sanctuary moved countless individuals. w

A person who is good at taking care of dogs in Thailand was told that the biggest dog farm in Thailand was left by its owner. When they got there, they saw 13 very skinny Great Danes in cages. The animals were very skinny and looked like they were not given enough food. Sadly, a woman and her two dogs passed away before anyone could help them.

The mean person who owned the house took the dog and said they wouldn’t take care of them. The puppies were supposed to be sold, but when they couldn’t be sold, the owner left them in a small space with no food.

The Thai Police Dog Team has volunteers who take care of puppies that need homes. Some of the puppies were very weak because they didn’t have enough food to eat. The animal bones have been put together like a puzzle and placed inside a car. They were taken to a big vet hospital.

The puppies were given food that they really needed and it was paid for by the King of Thailand, even though it was expensive. The puppies were really sick before, but now they are getting better. When he found out about the situation, he suggested taking care of the dogs and paying for everything they need like their medicine and food.