The smart dog dug a hole to bury his lost best friend, making passers by touched and choked.w

Viral Video: We don’t really know how dogs feel about death, but we do know they have feelings and get sad when their dog friends die.There’s a sad video on Twitter of some dogs saying goodbye to their friend who passed away. It might make you cry if you watch it.

There were five dogs who buried their friend who had passed away. They used their mouths to dig a hole and put sand on top of their friend to say goodbye. Sharan posted a video and wrote a message asking if the people in the video were animals.

Lots of people are feeling sad after watching a video that has become very popular. People are saying how amazing animals are for showing how much they care about their friends.People think we can learn a lot from animals. One person said that animals are like angels who help us learn how to love.


They don’t get angry or play silly games. They are always there for us.” Another said, ”Humanity. Full respect is being given to departed soul. Let’s learn something from them. Human’s have money ,ego. Animals have love , respect , emotions and feelings.”