The pet cat was swallowed by the python.

Saovarak Charoep, 59, said a five-metre-long python slithered into her house in Patham Thapi, swallowed her cat Bobo and coiled itself over the sink, where it tried to digest the cat before the woman cried out. Had jumped for

“I was in the house when I found out that one of my three cats was missing. I went around looking for it, when I saw a crab crawling out from under the cupboard, its body bloated as if it had swallowed something,” Savark said.
The footage shows authorities driving the snake around the courthouse, prompting it to regurgitate the cat.python

Savark said that when Bobo’s body was recovered, he buried it.The officials released the python back into the wild.Pythons sometimes make their way into homes near wooded areas in Thailand, sometimes. python