The mistreated dog gazed upwards, seemingly expressing gratitude for the affection, even though it may not have been able to reciprocate. w

When people find pets that have been left behind or hurt by bad people, they work really hard to help them feel better and get healthy again. It takes a lot of love and determination to save these animals and give them a better life. This Pit Bull dog was left all alone and tied up with a rope around her neck in a place that was dirty and full of garbage. People had hurt her for a long time before leaving her there.

The volunteers went to a place where a dog was supposed to be, but they didn’t know what they would find. They heard some bad stories about it. When they got there, they saw something really terrible. A rope was put around her neck really tight, and it made it hard for her to breathe. She was very skinny and didn’t get enough food, and she was in a really bad situation.

When the rescuers found the dog, it wasn’t moving and they didn’t know if it was too late to help. But when they got closer, they saw that the dog was still breathing. Sadly, they didn’t know how much longer the dog would survive. They took off the rope that was around her neck and brought her to a car. They had to take her to a doctor right away. The doctor was surprised that she was still alive and called it a miracle. They gave her a new name: Esmeralda.

Esmeralda got medicine and fluids right away from the vet. They checked her and found out she was really sick and almost fainting. She is too skinny, doesn’t have enough water in her body, doesn’t have enough blood, and needs a transfusion right away. The doctors and helpers did everything they could to make the sick person better, but it was very hard. Everyone was sad because the person was in a bad situation. The sick person looked at them weakly and said thank you for trying to help. In the end, the sick person did not survive.

Esmeralda was being taken care of by a lot of people who were working hard to make her feel better. Doctors and helpers were trying to ease her pain every day. Esmeralda the dog was really hurt by bad people for a long time, but she started feeling better inside even though her body was still hurting. She was really happy when people came to help her and show her love. But sadly, the story doesn’t end happily.

Esmeralda spent her last days with the people who took care of her and loved her. They did everything they could to help her, but even though they loved her very much, it wasn’t enough to make her better.