The little dog tried to get help but couldn’t because it was stuck under the wheel.. W

When Hope For Paws heard about an abandoned dog who was limping badly on the busy streets, rescuers Joann Wiltz and Katie Mc Kittrick set out to bring him to safety. But the dog’s fear of strangers made him run away into the vast neighborhood. The rescuers were trying to catch Jax for an hour, but he managed to stayhidden. Finally, they trapped him in a garage.

Joan didn’t have any luck finding a gentle trap to help rescue Jax, so she decided to try and reach him through the car. However, Jax was too scared to be welcome, and when Joan found a rescue leash around his neck, he was even more panicked. He was very agitated and snapping at Joan. He bit her hand in the process.

Even though Jax was very angry at Joan, she didn’t back away and continued to try to sell him until she had trapped him. Once Jax realized he was surrounded by friendly people, he calmed down. He was very sweet during his bath!

However, when Jax’s medical examination was done, it was found that the real cause of his limping was a rare limb deformity where one of his hind legs never developed normally. Jax’s arm had to be amputated, but that made him a “less-desirable” special needs pup. Watch this heartwarming video until the end to see how Jax overcome his challenges and found his happy ending!