The Incredible Journey of a Mother Dog Abandoned by a Creek.w

A dog was found in a creek and it was very weak and thin. The people who take care of animals were told about it and they helped the dog. They named her Olivia. The helpers went to check what was happening because it wasn’t very far from where they help animals.

The little doggie looked like she was having babies, but she was very sick and needed help because she wasn’t getting enough food to eat. When they got there, they saw a very sad girl dog who was very skinny and too tired to walk.

The person who was saved from danger was still very scared even after a few hours. Unfortunately, when they checked her health, she had a sickness called heartworm, and her blood wasn’t as healthy as it should be.

Olivia needs to stay by herself for two weeks to make sure she doesn’t have rabies. Please pray that Olivia gets better soon!

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