The heartwarming bond between little girl born with one arm and her three-legged puppy.w

A young woman who is 21 years old wrote a nice message to an organization called the Animal Welfare League of Queensland. She asked them if they could take care of a dog that someone had left and keep it in a place where it can find a new home.

Ms. Hodgson felt very excited and surprised when she saw Snowy online. She lives in Loganholm, which is a town in Queensland, Australia.

I thought the other girl would be a great friend for Ella because they are the same age and will have lots of time to be friends. I think Snowy will help her feel more sure of herself as she gets older.

It will make Ella happy to know that she is not the only one who is different or has bad days when she sees someone else who looks like her.

She thinks the loving dog will always be with Ella, even when things are good or bad. They hug each other tightly and Ella loves to give kisses often.