The golden-haired dog met a newborn baby and didn’t want to leave, just wanted to cuddle with him

Dogs are always loyal companions who will stick by your side no matter what. They are very loving towards children, and if your family has a dog, your child already has a great friend. Everyone is excited when a new member of the family is born. Your animal friends are just as happy as you are when you learn that you have a human sibling.

This is what we see in the Malamute family’s photos and videos online. The Malamutes are a family of three who share their lives on social media with their cat Milo and Golden Retriever Buddy. They’re well-known for their interesting pets and their fun posts.

Mom Emma just had a baby, and his parents are really happy to finally meet him. His name is Nathan and he has two brothers who are also babies. Some of the pets can’t speak, but they use different methods to communicate their excitement. Shane shared on Instagram that one of the dogs was excited to see the infant and was wiggling his body.

The dogs were instantly drawn to Nathan and acted protectively toward his younger brother. Except for Buddy, the Golden Retriever, who always clings to the infant, they took turns staying with him. Buddy likes to sit next to Nathan and try to cuddle with him. However, because Nathan is still a baby, Buddy sometimes sleeps next to him and rests his head on Nathan’s legs.

Buddy loves looking at his sibling closely and follows the infant around. “When Buddy encounters a newborn baby, he never leaves the baby’s side!” He follows the baby a little ways, but gets carried along. “I’m not sure what it is with dogs, but they seem to get into a protective mode around newborn babies,” Shane said.