The elderly woman living with dogs in plastic bags touched a lot of people

People can be hurt, angry, and disappointed in life. Sometimes, animals also end up feeling this way. But there are some people who have the most to lose, and they still manage to be kind and compassionate. This is an example of true love. Grandma Chloe was found by the police on the side of the freeway, cold and wet. She had been walking with her six dogs in a plastic bag to keep them safe from the rain.\

A person who goes by the name of TikTok individual @OmarMartinezTj witnessed someone in a very difficult situation, and decided to make a video of it in order to spread the information to as many people as possible. What he saw left him very upset and filled with a sense of helplessness. Inside the suitcase, the person temporarily becomes a safe place for the six dogs that are with him, providing them with some warmth. The police arrived and tried to get Mrs. Chole to go to a safe place. But she didn’t want to go, and she started crying.

Chloe used to be fearful of getting arrested by law enforcement and used to be reluctant to leave that unfriendly corner. In a different video introduced by Tiktoker later, she frankly said: “Within the match that they take me to the hole (the safe haven), my dog are going to be helpless. That’s why I cried”. It’s in truth painful that Chloe has won to hand over a roof and primary price scenarios on account of animals don’t seem to be allowed. However, their love is so great that it’s easy to take into consideration the loving dating that exists between their six bushy youngsters and this admirable woman.

The policeman said they couldn’t take her name out in the open. Torrential rains at the moment and then a strange cold might have caused hypothermia and an uncertain future not only for her but also for her 6 pet dogs. In the end, they managed to influence her and escort her to a protected harbor, but what happened next caused a wave of anger and indignation. Once it turned out that the woman spent the evening at her son’s house, and the next morning she returned to the freeway again. In the second video posted by Omar Martinez, she finds out why she can no longer stay put for extra hours:

We won’t consider how a son can sleep peacefully if he knows his mother is fighting for her lifestyle. Nevertheless, the woman who survives by selling plastics and waste she finds in the garbage insures that the most important essential issue for her is that the protection of her dogs. What I would like the most is a little bit of room to measure with them. People agree with me widely, defend me from strangers, and make sure I have warmth at night. They are also very generous and kind.

People moved by movies and pictures often cry, but few people are willing to help a person in real life. However, one Tijuana resident, named Alejandra Cordova Castro, decided to go the extra mile and move to help Chole. She was surprised to look out and see that no one was helping her. So, she brought some blankets and food to help. Alejandra asked someone walking by if they could buy her a bat, or if they had any money they could give her. Then, someone gave her a ride in their car so she could go buy something herself. You can see Alejandra’s Facebook page by clicking on some distance away. We hope this touching story continues to succeed so that Alejandra can finally get the happy ending she so richly deserves.