The dog was overjoyed, went to the airport to pick up its owner after a year of military service. w

They went back to their car and their dog was very happy and kept jumping and barking. While driving home, the dog stayed close to its owner and did not want to be separated again. It was like they never left each other because their connection was still strong. The dog was really worried when its owner left, but when they came back home, the dog felt better. The dog remembered that scary day at the airport, but it knew that it would always be close to its owner.

The dog was really happy and wagging its tail a lot when it saw cars coming to the airport. The dog’s best friend had gone away to work in another country for a whole year, and the dog missed them a lot. The dog would often sit by the window and wait for them to come back. But now, the dog was so excited that they couldn’t stay still!

The dog was very happy to see its owner come home. It ran towards him and barked happily. The owner was so happy to see the dog that he cried and hugged it. The dog licked the owner’s face to show how happy it was to see him. They went back to their car and the dog was very happy and kept jumping and barking. The dog sat next to its owner while they drove home and didn’t want to be away from him again. It was like they were never apart and they loved each other very much.

The dog was very worried when its owner left, so it followed them around all the time. But soon it realized that the owner was back and everything was okay. Even though the dog forgot about it, it will always remember how much it loves its owner. It’s going to be really nice to see a dog and their owner be together again, even if they haven’t seen each other for a long time. This video is really touching and might make you cry. The dog in the video, Oshie, hasn’t seen his mom for a whole year.

Oshie’s mom is a soldier who had to go away. Oshie couldn’t go with her, so he stayed with his family. He really missed his mom and wanted to see her, but he had to wait until she came back.

Finally, Oshie’s mom, who had been away for a long time, came back and surprised him. He was very happy and jumped around, kissed her, and gave her hugs. He even wanted his tummy rubbed! It was really nice to see how happy Oshie was to see his mom again.

It’s wonderful to watch soldiers reunited with their dogs and see how happy they are together. If you enjoyed watching this video, please share it with your loved ones to make them happy too! If you want to know more about Oshie and what he does every day, you can find him on social media. You can also watch more of his cute videos on his YouTube channel.