The dog is like an older brother who likes to help me sleep and clean the house when the owner is away.

खटPets can be helpful in many ways, including helping their owners take care of the house. Recently, a clip of a Golden Retriever dog helping its owner take care of a baby was shared online. Its actions were very smooth, and many people were surprised. According to the video, it seems that the friend was watching the baby girl sleep very carefully. Each of its movements is gentle, just like being afraid of waking up a baby. In addition, the boy carefully covered the treasure with a blanket so that it would stay warm. The figure sat on the side of the bed, gently watching the sleeping child.

(Photo: Sohu)

The dog is a servant who helps take care of the house. When I was done sleeping, the “nanny” came to clean up right away. The boy grabbed the broom to go around the house and clean a few areas, then picked up the trash and put it in the bin. Finally, he grabbed the towel from the shoe shelf and wiped the floor. The dog did all of this and even brought the broom back to its original place.

After the clip was shared on social media, it attracted a lot of interactions. Everyone must be amazed at the so clever “nanny”. In addition, his movement is extremely agile, as has been the case many times. Some netizens admired and applauded: “There is no shame in a dog having a high IQ. When I think about it like that, I feel ashamed. It is not easy to train such a pet, even knowing how to cover a blanket. for me, how clever!”

(Photo: Sohu)

We can’t forget the Bull dog breed. They’re a friend that many children love. Previously, shared a story about a couple who were really busy. They had to take care of two more children and their life became more chaotic. Bulldog owners have reported that when they adopt a bulldog, it becomes easier for them to take care of the dog. After returning home, the dog “becomes the boss” and the two boys gradually become close. Shortly after, Bull became the babysitter for the children. At first, the couple was a little nervous, but they were able to overcome their fear when they saw the warm images of the children.

Bull does an amazing job of being both a friend and caretaker to the baby. When the “boss” showed up, Bull seamlessly took on caring for the child while still providing companionship and support to the parents.

(Photo: Sohu)

Currently, cats and dogs are the characters that people are most likely to see online. People become crazy about them because they have such a cute appearance and they can also help improve our spirits and our health. Pets like “Boss” are also very important in taking care of the house and taking care of our boys.

This means that the role of pets is increasingly important, and people love them very much. Look at the two dogs above- one does a great job of working with water, and the other does a great job of taking care of the house.