The brave dog defies all dangers to protect his owner, causing the opponent to panic. w

The friendship between a person and their dog is very strong because they trust and love each other a lot. Dogs are very brave and will always protect their owner.


The man’s dog stayed with him and protected him even when he was drunk and didn’t know where he was. The man thought he was safe in his bed, but he was actually lying on the sidewalk and cars were driving by.

The man was in trouble and the dog protected him by standing in front of him and barking fiercely. The dog really cared about the man and would do anything to keep him safe. Later, the man was able to move and someone helped him take off his helmet. The dog didn’t notice because he was too busy watching the policeman.

The police punished a person because they got in the way, but because a video of a dog protecting its owner became very popular online, the person became famous. People who saw the video were amazed at how much the dog loved and protected its owner when he needed help.He felt scared that someone might hurt him because he knew he wasn’t safe on the street with other people around.