Stray Dog Finds And Secures Blind Elderly Woman By The River.w

There’s a picture of a dog hanging out with a grandma by a river, and another picture shows another dog nearby. The second picture shows more of the area around the river. There was a lady who couldn’t see and was sleeping by the river. She was all dirty and wet. Then, a man named Srisuwan saw something strange. When he looked closer with his camera, he saw that two dogs were protecting the lady.

People on Facebook saw a picture of a woman sleeping on a beach with her dogs and felt sad for her. They also thought the dogs were very loyal. The picture became popular and caught the attention of people in charge who decided to help the woman. They saw the picture had a lot of reactions and shares on Facebook. The woman and her dogs got mezdical help at a hospital.

Dogs are famous for being very loyal to their owners. In some cultures, people even think of dogs as special protectors and make special buildings and statues for them. Dogs are so loyal because they used to live in groups called packs. Even before people trained them to be pets, their ancestors, wolves, would travel in packs to protect each other. The stronger wolves would protect the weaker ones and the babies.

The dogs that were taking care of the old woman might have thought of her as part of their group. Dogs usually protect their owners because they are kind to them and take care of them. Also, dogs need their owners to provide them with food and a safe place to live. Dogs are very loyal and this story shows that.