Snake vs Mongoose Fight: wonderful scene of snake and mongoose fight took place, seeing which everyone was surprised, viral video

Sometimes videos go viral on social media. There are so many laughs in it, as well as the debut of latent talent.
There are also accounts of some incredible events. Again, such terrible videos are seen that make you sleepy. For example, A child playing with a giant python or a poisonous snake wrapped around a cow’s leg in a cattle shed. Again digging the ground snake eggs.

News of getting or pet crocodiles killing chickens. Even though I am shocked to read such horrible news, these are the ones that get the most views. This is the news that viewers like to watch. Recently such a horrible video has gone viral. It shows the conflict between the newl and the snake. We already know that snakes are related to quarrels. And that’s the opportunity to see visually in the power of social media.

In the video, a very venomous snake and a medium-sized mongoose are seen fighting. It comes towards him and he towards it. Falling on the ground, rolling and eating, clinging to each other.

In fact the weasel in the sand was getting ready to hunt the snake. And the snake, realizing that, counter-attacked. Fana lifted the cover and proceeded towards the newl to kill the hawk. Little Neul is no less heroic. He also proceeded to Virdarp. The clash between the two.

You have seen elephant fight, tiger fight, chill vulture fight many times, but it is hard to believe that mongoose and snake fight can be so terrifying without seeing it. The snake twisted the mongoose. Oral life is new. However, in the end, the snake won.

The video was posted by a YouTube channel called Wild TV Bangla just two months ago. But so what! Already 6.5 million people have watched the video. Thousands of people have liked it. Several people have also commented. One netizen wrote, “Neulata is just awesome.” Another person commented, “I was really scared to see this fight.” It can be said that almost everyone is supporting the newl. Everyone is amazed to see such a small animal fighting alone against such a large venomous snake.