Rescuing Injured Dogs In Tunisia: OIPA volunteers saved a abandon Injured Dog.//w

OIPA volunteers in Tunisia are taking care of a high number of stray and abandoned cats and dogs. Thay rescue one or more animals almost every day. Kittens and puppies who lost their mom, mistreated or hit-and-run cats and dogs…every day a new creature to take care of.

We will now tell you the story of two of them: SOFIA and RICKY.Some days ago, our volunteer Emanuela was driving to work when she saw a suffering dog on the other side of the motorway. She immediately stopped her car and (dangerously!) crossed the motorway. This beautiful dog (a nice female) let Emanuela get close to her. The dog looked exhausted but our volunteer managed to put her in the car. They immediately went to the vet for a check-up.

SOFIA had a very high fever, was profoundly anaemic, dehydrated, covered in ticks and fleas. Moreover, she had an old fracture in a leg. Ines, the vet, gave her IV fluids, iron and vitamins, and applied a bandage over the broken leg. Sofia is a young dog, around 1-year old. She is recovering well, but she still needs medical treatment. Sofia is a lovable dog and we are sure that she will fully recover and be adopted by a beautiful family!

Some time ago, OIPA blue angels in Tunisia rescued a pregnant dog that gave birth to a litter of adorable dogs. Among them, there was RICKY. He had been adopted months ago, and constantly monitored by our volunteers. Sadly, sometimes volunteers’ commitment is not enough: notwithstanding the checks, 3 weeks ago Ricky was found tied with a rope to a dumpster. Rescued by a volunteer, Ricky is now sheltered awaiting a forever home.

And finally, a happy story: this nice black and white dog, Ricky’s sister, was adopted a few months ago by a girl. Every time she took the dog out for a walk, the neighbour kid went mad with joy when he saw LADY. The special thing about the kid is that he has autism and therefore difficulty expressing his feelings… Lady’s owner, touched at the kid’s reactions, finally decided to give the kid Lady. In the end, they are neighbours and she will always have the opportunity to visit Lady.