It took more than 12 hours to rescue a dog that was stuck under a frozen pipe after someone heard its cries…!

Sometimes you have to be careful when you’re around things, because you could find out something important. For example, these workers at Boveney Lock in Dorney, Buckinghamshire, have been noticing things that might be important.

The people who were hired to look for the missing dog believed the owner when she said her dog might be underground. The people thought the owner was crazy, but they went ahead and looked for the dog.

They didn’t find her, but they learned a lot about underground tunnels!

If your dog was missing, you might go looking for her in the parking lot. If you heard a weird noise coming from the ground, you might investigate. They dug up the ground until they found a pipe below.

The kids had to find a way to listen to the noise coming from the pipe. They cut a hole in the pipe to see what was making the noise.

When the worker got inside the machine, he found something unexpected.

A small, little Jack Russell Terrier was stuck inside a pipe underground for over four days. Even more amazing is that the dog was stuck in the pipe for over a day and a half!


The story of how someone found a dog stuck in a pipe and helped rescue her is really amazing. I didn’t think they would be able to save her, but I’m glad they did.