Mia Khalifa and her love for Louis Vuitton: cut-out buccaneers, open shirt and stuffed animal

Mia Khalifa : However, it was not the only thing that reinforced this taste, but also the daring look that she used for the occasion: it was a white mini-dress with opaque vertical pieces of fabric, while a large part of the garment was composed of for transparencies, and accompanied it with a short France blue-toned sweater.

At the same time, she added two accessories to the outfit that were very much in her style, in the case of a yellow handbag that was decorated with circles of various sizes to match the sweater, and vintage rectangular sunglasses with a white frame. And, from the description of the post, he wrote: “Now that Santa has had his day, can I be a little narcissistic?”


To accompany all of Yayoi Kusama’s style, Mia Khalifa combined cut-out black buccaneers with an open white shirt and a large plush toy in shades of blue.


“I am out of my mind, this is much more than a bag for me. I adore and admire Yayoi, and seeing this collaboration happen again is history in the making!” Mia assured along with her photos.Kusama’s work could be said to be based primarily on conceptual art and deals with disparate themes, often autobiographical. Of course, his was always avant-garde. Mia had already shown herself to be very interested in fashion and art, this was shown with the painting by Pablo Picasso that she has in her house.

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