Man Returned To Adopt The Dog He Rescued, And The Pup Couldn’t Be Happier.w

Once, a little doggy was very sick and almost died. But then, a kind Marine named Joey Wagner did more than what was expected of him to help save the doggy’s life. Mr. Wagner found a puppy who was very sick with something called mange. He quickly took the puppy to a doctor who gave him medicine to make him better. Thanks to Mr. Wagner’s quick actions, the puppy’s life was saved.

The doctors didn’t want Mojo to be adopted like most pets. They asked someone very kind if they would take care of Mojo instead. It seemed like this person already loved Mojo very much.

When Wagner went back to the place where he got his new puppy, the puppy was very happy to see him because Wagner had saved his life. I know for sure that he knew who Wagner was and was happy to see him again because it was a really good choice!

Mojo is a happy three-year-old who lives with Wagner and his family. He is doing really well and is very loved and taken care of. He is a happy boy and is spoiled in a good way!