Little dog travels thousands of miles every day to visit his best friend’s grave

Fulmine and Sara Sechi’s father, Leonardo, were best friends for seven years. Fulmine was a small, happy dog who enjoyed spending time with Sara’s father. They lived in Italy and enjoyed every day together. Sechi told The Dodo that Fulmine and Leonardo have been very affectionate lately. They’ve been hugging all the time. Unfortunately, their time together has ended, but their love lives are still going strong.

Leonardo died after fighting an illness for a long time. His family noticed that Fulmine, his dog, seemed to be missing him a lot. Sechi told us that even after his father died, Fulmine always kept an eye out for him at the gate, just in case. Eventually, he found him – years after he had passed away.

On the day after Leonardo’s funeral, Sechi and her son traveled to the cemetery to gather more flowers. When they arrived, they were surprised to find Fulmine there too. Fulmine walked very far to find Leonardo, who he hadn’t seen in a while. He looked very surprised when he found him right here in this place.

Sechi didn’t go to the funeral to look for Leonor. He had no idea where she was, and he didn’t want to trouble her. But finally, a few weeks after the funeral, Sechi found Leonor in spirit. Now, neighbors are reporting seeing the small dog going to the cemetery to visit Leonor’s spirit friend, Leonor.

Sechi and Fulmine are both thinking that Leonardo is going to the same place on the afternoon, but they don’t know how he knows where to go. Sechi wishes that Leonardo was following his own instinct because that would make things much easier, but Fulmine’s heart still aches from when Leonardo nearly died.

Sechi and Fulmine have decided to join forces to mourn together and make new memories as a family. Leonardo’s death will still be remembered by them, even though he is no longer alive.