Homeless Man Devotes Himself to Saving Stray Dogs Without a Home.//w

There’s a man who loves his eleven furry pets so much that he never leaves them behind. He rode a bike and drove a car to travel across the country with his pets. It wasn’t always easy, but they didn’t give up and finally found a nice home to live in after traveling over 2,000 miles.

Steve is a very kind person who loves dogs. Whenever he sees a dog that doesn’t have a home, he takes them in and gives them a loving family. He’s done this over 50 times in the last 14 years! He even took a long trip with his dogs from one state to another. Even though he doesn’t have a lot of money, he’s very rich because he has so much love to give.

Even though things were tough for Steve, he didn’t give up his pets and took care of them. His pets were dogs, including a mom dog with cute puppies, and he didn’t have a lot of transportation options. They went on a really big trip of about 2,000 miles and saw lots of cool places. Along the way, they met a nice lady named Alicia who helped them.

Alicia’s mom, Mickey, helped Steve and his pets by giving them money to stay in a hotel for a little while. Some people gave Steve things to help control his pets, like leashes and harnesses. Steve and his pets got to stay an extra night because there were more people at the hotel. A family needed help getting to Indiana, and a nice person named Kelley Seaton helped them get there from Tennessee.

Some folks brought stuff to keep their pets safe, but Steve and his pets got to stay longer at a hotel because more people came. The Edrington family needed help and a person named Kelley Seaton from Tennessee helped them get to Indiana.