Heartbreaking poor dog locked in an iron cage for 2 years just wants to be freed. w

Ritter’s family lost their home and were not able to take care of him or his pet brother or sister, Corky. Although it was very sad, they had to give both dogs away to the Humane Culture in Indiana- and also as quickly as his family members left him behind, Ritter was very sad. Many pets are scared and lost when their families move. Doggie was just like that. He was scared and sad when his family moved to a new house. Ritter was very upset when he was left alone in his kennel. He was both confused and upset by his new knowledge.

Everyone at the shelter did their best to make Ritter feel as loved as possible- but it’s still not the same as having a foreνer home and also a family. He has gotten a lot of love and attention from staff, however he remains Reserved and nervous in his kennel. He thrives when he is outside and just wants to play. Everyone at the shelter was sad to see Ritter and felt terrible for him, so they posted an image of him on Facebook hoping that somebody would see him and take him in. The message was shared over 3000 times–and quickly, too, if a woman saw Ritter’s pleasant face and realized she needed to include him in her family.

Sophie Spinia had wanted to take in a dog for some time, but had actually been waiting until she had a home and more space because she realized she would probably want a pet dog on the larger side. The woman bought her first home and started checking the Humane Society’s website and Facebook page every morning. She saw the picture of a dog and knew that he was the one she wanted.

Spenia saw Ritter’s picture and description on The Dodo increase at 6 a.m. one early morning, and she quickly texted her sibling as well as told them that they needed to go bust him out of there right after work. 2 hours later, her sister texted her the Facebook post that she had noticed was going viral. So Spenia told her boss the situation and he told her to clock out and head to the sanctuary! Ritter is a pet dog, and also.

When Spenia arrived at the sanctuary, she was feeling a little down since she knew how sad and overwhelmed Ritter had been when he left his household, and she didn’t know how he would react to her- but once he entered the space, she just realized everything. Spenia said, “I had to have him!” As soon as he became available in the visitor area, he ran right over to me and put his big, charming head in my lap. I can tell he was very pleased to be there.

Spenia adopted Ritter quickly, and on Thursday she was able to bring him to his new home. He was so excited to be with his new mom, and he is already adjusting well to his new life. Ritter was a very sad dog when he first arrived at the shelter, but he soon found a new mom who would make sure he was happy and loved.