Fierce fight between lion and leopard, see in the video who got killed and who won- watch viral video

Friends, as we all know that the wild animals living in the forest keep on attacking the other animals to fill their stomachs. While hunting, videos of these wild animals are recorded many times, which are shared on social media. But many go viral.

Today we are going to tell you about one such viral video. In this video, a leopard is sitting very comfortably in the forest. Suddenly a lion’s eye falls on this leopard. This lion goes very lightly to this leopard. As soon as this lion is about to attack the leopard,

fight between lion and leopard,

Only then the leopard sees him and runs away from this lion. While running, the leopard slips and the lion stands near it. When the leopard sees the lion, it again runs very fast and climbs up a tree. The leopard very quickly goes and sits on the top branch of that tree.

And the lion keeps on watching him under that tree. For a long time this lion waits for the leopard to come down, but the leopard does not come down from that tree, then the lion leaves from there. In another such video, two lions attack a leopard.