Video: Elephant makes rare fatal attack to protect her baby

Fortunately, the elephant was rescued by its other mother, whose internal organs kicked in. Elephants are just one of many animals that display eternal insides Incidents to protect their young from predators and humans. Read on to know the full details of the encounter between the crocodile and the elephant.


Mother Elephant Stomps on Crocodile Preying on Its Calf

Mothers are always there for their children, even if it means sacrificing their own lives to keep them safe. Some animals, like lions, have a lot to offer, and the recent video is just one example of how much care they give to their young.

Supriya Sah, an IAS officer, found evidence that other elephants are protecting their young by going to any extent to keep them safe. In the video, a crocodile is seen snapping at an elephant calf, and the elephant is protecting it fiercely.

The calf was being held high by the crocodile, but the mother elephant came back to help and stomped on the crocodile, freeing the calf. Many people have applauded the courage of the other elephant that saw her young being taken away. Several colleagues also sympathize with the elephant as I could have been a traumatic experience, while another colleague celebrated that I am not good at dealing with a mother elephant.


The rest of the herd was awe-struck as they followed the proud creatures and sniffed the muddy water as they crossed the dangerous ravine. To show appreciation, the large elephant stepped on the fallen predator, causing it to fall backward and into the water. Francois Borмan is a photographer from ZimZala Valley in Zambia. He took some really cool photos of Mana Pools in the valley. He was in the jungle for a few hours looking for a good action scene to capture. This is the best thing he expected to see!

When I go out with my car, I usually have high expectations, and this scenario is simply fantastic. I witnessed a herd of elephants come down to drink, and a local crocodile pursued them and spent a lot of time sizing them up, chasing the young calf playing in the shallow water. The new elephant was clearly looking forward to the drink, because he ran straight in and splashed around in the shallow water.

The calf is very young, and doesn’t know how to drink from the trunk of the elephant. So, it kneels down to sip water with its mouth, then stands up and reaches into the water to try it. All of a sudden, the alligator pounced on the elephant’s trunk and grabbed the calf. It was a scary scene.

The calf was screaming and kicking for its life as it struggled against the crocodile. It was as good as gold, even though it was still trying to get away. Other elephants charged the crocodile, and eventually it let go of the calf. I was really impressed when I saw my photos; I knew they were special.