Dwayne Johnson tried to make “the force” do his job for him

Working for Dwayne Johnson seems to have become one of the simplest things in his life, but while the character would have managed to facilitate his work routines, his strategy doesn’t always end as he expected, as, with a fun clip in cyberspace revealed that when this happens he has to do his homework. Know all the details here.

For many celebrities, doing paperwork or taking care of extra tasks ends up complicating, since, due to the complicated routines that these have, they do not allow them to divide the time for other tasks. However, it seems that Dwayne Johnson would have found the perfect and fun way to take care of his responsibilities.

The use of “force”
Through his Instagram account and showing once again the funniest side he has, Dwayne Johnson was encouraged to publish a funny clip where he can be seen trying to work. The content shared this Friday revealed the way in which this celebrity tries to quickly end all the work that he had to do.


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“Me trying to use force to do all my work. But today, the force says that you do it yourself”, he wrote in the description of the publication to detail that he was trying to do his homework with his mind, which he called “the force”, but to his surprise, it told him that he had to do his own work. Finally, he was resigned and made the gesture of going to work.