Dua Lipa breaks her silence and assures that she will not be part of the opening of the World Cup Qatar 2022

The British singer Dua Lipa put a final point to the rumors that she would form part of the opening ceremony of the Football World Cup Qatar 2022. The performer negotiated her participation with a powerful message about human rights.

Through his official Instagram account, Dua Lipa shared a story about the negativity that will form part of the World Cup Qatar 2022. He also indicated that he would encourage the selection of England, which would have nothing to do with the sporting event.

Currently there are many speculations that will be operating in the opening ceremony of the world of Qatar. I do not want to act, nor have I been involved in negotiations to do it”, pointed out Dua Lipa.

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“I will stay in England from far away, and expect to visit Qatar when I have fulfilled all the human rights that I promised when I lost that right to host the world. Amor, Dua”, added the British in his stories.

In this way, the interpreter of “Levitating” ruled out any possibility of traveling to Qatar until the country oppresses women and allows the LGTBIQ+ collective.