Dog Gathered All His Strength To Bark For Help After Being Trapped In Tar.w

A dog in Poland was tired and looking for a cozy spot to rest. He found some sticky stuff called tar, but didn’t know it would trap him. When he realized he was stuck, he barked for help. A small dog barked as loud as he could until some people came to help him. They heard him and saw that he was stuck in sticky stuff called tar. They got someone who knows how to rescue animals to help him.


When they saw the dog stuck in tar, they called Joanna from an animal rescue group. The dog was very brave and managed to get his snout out of the tar, so he could bark and breathe again.


Some people helped the dog who was stuck in tar. They called the fire and police departments for help. The rescuers worked to remove the tar and fur from the dog’s body so it could be free. The dog was very tired and had many tiny bugs on its body. It went to see a special doctor who gave it medicine to feel better and took off all the bugs.

The dog got sticky tar on his fur and paws, so he had to take lots of baths to clean it off. Then he got a comfy bed and some yummy food, which made him feel better. His boo-boos on his head were also taken care of.

There’s a sweet puppy named Farcik who is still learning how to walk. Some kind people are taking care of him until he feels better. When he’s all better, someone else can adopt him and give him a loving forever home. We hope he feels better soon!