Doctors once gave up hope for a two-legged dog’s survival, but years later, it still defies the odds. w

All animals are perfect when they are born, no matter what they look like. Nubby is a special puppy who was born without his front legs, but he is still perfect. He was weak and people thought he might not survive, but a couple named Lou Robinson and her husband didn’t want him to be put to sleep.

Nubby was born with a problem that made him only have two limbs. The vets were worried about how he would survive without his front legs. He couldn’t push his way to his mother’s milk or learn basic survival skills like his siblings. So, a kind woman named Lou Robinson took him in and cared for him. Robinson is someone who helps animals. He teaches people how to take care of animals and he made a calendar with pictures of firefighters with their pets. Robinson lives in Texas and he tried to help a new puppy stay healthy. They were happy to accept the challenge of taking care of Nubby. They fed him and made sure he was comfortable in his new home. Nubby not only survived, but he also did very well.

Robinson was talking about a puppy named Nubby who was doing really well for a few weeks. But then, on a Friday afternoon, he started sneezing and not going to the bathroom like he should. The small dog wasn’t feeling well and wasn’t eating. He was blowing bubbles out of his nose. After getting a special picture taken, the vet found out that the dog had something wrong with his throat that was stopping him from drinking milk. The dog was given medicine and put in a special room to help him breathe better.

The puppy went back to the people who take care of him for now. He’s 5 weeks old and likes to cuddle with his dad. His foster parents will do everything they can to make sure he has a good life. They believe it’s important to treat all animals well. And now, the puppy has become a great dog. There was a little puppy who needed to be fed from a bottle. His family, the Robinsons, love him very much and are happy to see how much he has grown and how cute he is. He is very smart and active, and he is learning to crawl and stand on his back legs. Sometimes he gets frustrated and upset when he can’t do something.