Devoted Dog Becomes Guardian Angel to Sleeping Baby When Mom’s Away.w

Some families get a dog as their first baby. They treat the dog like a member of the family with lots of love and attention. When a new baby comes to your home, your dog may not know how to act because they have never seen a baby before. They might feel jealous because the baby gets a lot of attention and cries a lot. Some families had a problem and they all got different outcomes that were very interesting.

1. “What is this noisy and not very cute creature? It doesn’t have any fur and keeps moving around a lot.”

2. Even though he cries a lot, I still like him and you don’t have to worry. I might not be able to handle things right now, but everything will be okay.

3. Oh no, I’m not sure if we’re ready for this. I really love sleeping, but this little girl might wake us up a lot at night.

4. “This animal is strange. It’s not moving or making sounds like other animals, and it has a funny smell. It’s the oddest puppy I’ve ever seen.”

5. “All right, I know I had my reservations when they arrived, but I have to admit, they’re growing on me. Plus, they like napping as much as I do!”

6. “He’s so cute. I mean, just look at him there, sleeping so peacefully. Could there be a better sight in this world?”

7. “I know I had my doubts, but now that I’m snuggled in, I have to admit: This thing is actually kinda comfy. I might just have a life-long snuggle buddy right here.”

8. It’s really a win-win. The baby gets a comfy sleeping spot, and his canine companion gets a warm little heater to keep him cozy and comfortable.

9. They’ve been like this for hours. Ye who disturbs them will incur the wrath of an angry pug and a crying baby.


10. Wrinkles on wrinkles. What could be cuter than this? That’s one protective pup of his newborn sibling. What a good big brother!