Captain Arunita Kanjilal indulges in intimate romance on stage listening to child artist Mohammad Faiz, viral video

Arunita Kanjilal : Reality shows hold the jury in bringing talent to the front of the nation. The superstar singer has been doing that for many years. The second season of this show is currently running. Every episode has a lot of story and fun. In the popular Sony channel’s reality show of this song, Music greats like Alka Yagnik, Himesh Reshammiya are in the judge’s seat. And in this season, Faiz is becoming the apple of everyone’s eyes.

Whatever song he sings, the judges like it like pure gold. Recently she sang the song Alvida. Hearing his song, Himesh Reshammiya was forced to praise him. Until mentor Arunita Kanjilal’s skin prickles. This time also the same phase impressed Alka Yagnik. In the 90s special episode, Fez was seen singing one old song after another. Mani was standing next to him and was moving his feet to the beat of the tune. The contestants were also impressed by Fejoy’s song.

Applause erupted from the audience. Arunita and Fez have long wished for a duet on stage at least once.But that hope has not yet come true. Indian Idol videos with Arunita Kanjilal and Fejay morphed together as thumbnails are posted almost every day from the YouTube channel called Bollywood Latest. And there is also a demand for a duet performance of Arunita Kanjilal -Fejoy together.