Bad Bunny impersonator surprises in XV years and goes viral: “Titi worried me”

Bad Bunny is one of the artists of the moment with followers in different parts of the world. Either because of his music or his controversies, the Puerto Rican rapper has been making news in recent weeks and not only because his songs were among the most played in 2022, or because he launched a fan’s cell phone, but also because he has a double in Peru.

Recently on TikTok a quinceanera party attended by the clone of the ‘bad rabbit’ has gone viral. And although the characterization of this imitator is quite similar to that of the original, some users do not consider that his interpretation is too close, as ‘El Imparcial’ also explains.

Users support it
In the videos shared by ‘’, who calls himself the Bad Bunny impersonator in Peru, the comments from netizens highlighted the attitude of those present at the party and the effort of this novel imitator, but they also left curious opinions with each of the songs he performed.


This video is way to spicy! I was caught by surprise! Bad Bunny and Ñengo Flow BROUGHT THE HEAT WITH THIS SOMG!!! #xmcustodio #badbunny #badbunnypr #badbunnyconcert #badbunnyfans #badbunnyedits #nengoflow

♬ original sound – Xavier

In fact, when he performed ‘A summer without you’, a user ironically commented ‘A summer without a plan’. The same thing happened with the topic ‘Safaera’, someone wrote ‘Salpafuera’, but one of the comments with the most ‘likes’ was undoubtedly ‘Titi worried me’.

As is known, in recent days Bad Bunny has been in the eye of the storm as a result of the controversy with a fan, who he did not forgive for recording it without his consent and simply threw his cell phone away, which has divided the opinions of his fans on social networks.