A pregnant mother dog is left stranded in the garden by her inebriated owner. She begs desperately for someone to save her priceless unborn puppies as her belly swells.

Renegad received a call from a concerned lady about a pregnant dog living in her neighbor’s house. The owner was a drunk man who was rarely home. With his permission, Renegad went to get the dog, who was pregnant and severely malnourished. She was also heartworm positive. They took her to the vet for a … Read more

Timely rescue of poor abandoned Puppies in the Forest.

We received a distressing call for help today regarding a mother dog and her puppies left abandoned in the middle in the forest. The kind person who reported the situation informed us that the mother had been left there while pregnant and had given birth to her litter under a fallen tree. When we arrived, … Read more

In a heartbreaking moment of rescue and hope, a helpless dog finds sanctuary in the kind hug of kind construction workers during a frantic search for assistance.//w

A construction worker discovered a young injured puppy, about two or three months old, in need of immediate medical attention. When the brave worker approached, the small boy was wandering around the construction site, looking for someone who could help him.   The worker picked up the small youngster at lunchtime and transported him to … Read more

Helpless and Abandoned: The terrifying ordeal of a dog abandoned on a stranded boat with its mouth gagged and its limbs tied

It is truly heart-wrenching to hear about the vicious mistreatment of Repollita, an innocent and vulnerable puppy. The perpetrators cruelly tied up her small paws, leaving her completely defenseless. To make matters worse, they also cruelly taped her snout shut, preventing her from even calling out for assistance. It’s hard to fathom how someone could … Read more

A difficult 40-day adventure! A large pregnant dog gave birth to 15 adorable puppies while playing in the snow.//w

In a һeаrt-wrenching іпсіdent, a һeаvіlу pregnant dog was tragically аbаndoned in the midst of a snow-covered landscape. Left to fend for herself in the bіtteг cold, this resilient mother refuѕed to surrender to deѕраіr. Miraculously, she summoned іnсredіble strength and resilience, braving a grueling 40-day journey as she bаttled hunger, exһаuѕtіon, and the һаrѕһ … Read more

Heart Toughing Videos: Loyal Dog’s Heartrending Attempt to Revive His Departed Companion During a Run”.//w

In a heart-wrenching scene captured by these poignant images, a loyal dog stood vigil over his fallen companion a tragic accident on a bustling street in Zhejiang province, China. The brown husky, lying lifeless in the middle of the road, had been struck by a car, leaving his cream-colored friend devastated, teetering on the edge … Read more