As she is left behind in an abandoned home, a lonely dog begs for a new home.

Two dogs were abandoned in a deserted house in Mexico with no one to take care of them. They roamed around the area in search of someone who could assist them.


One of the dogs displayed remarkable enthusiasm to be rescued. Despite her fear, she approached individuals who appeared willing to help and allowed them to lift her up. Upon taking her to the vet, her rescuers discovered the reason for her eagerness – she was expecting puppies.

Thanks to The Animal Pad’s assistance, a foster home was found for the dog, who was named Mama Wild. Here, she could recover and regain her health. It was surprising for Lauren Botticelli, who assisted in caring for Mama Wild, to learn that such a lovable dog had been abandoned. Her initial reaction was one of sorrow, but she was grateful that the puppies would not have to be born on the streets.

Check out The Animal Pad’s video that chronicles the amazing rescue story of Mama Wild! Watch it now by clicking on the link provided. Mama Wild was finally able to let her guard down and feel secure in her foster home, which allowed her to give birth to two adorable baby girls.

As a new mother, her top priority is taking care of her babies and she cherishes every moment she spends with them. It’s clear that Mama Wild is happiest when she’s showering her pups with affection and providing them with all the love they need.


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In approximately two months, the puppies will be ready for adoption after spending time with their mother. Mama Wild is also in search of a forever home. She will no longer have to worry about finding food and shelter since she will be safe and secure with a new, caring family. A bright future awaits them all.