An abandoned dog finds solace in an old shoe until a kind soul takes it in and gives it the love and care it deserves. A happy ending is possible. //w

There was a man named Goran Marinkovic from Serbia who found a lost dog. He saw the dog go into a shoe and take a nap. There was a dog who didn’t have a home, so he used something else as his home. He was really tired and couldn’t sleep, but a nice person took him to their own home. They gave the dog food and cuddles and even gave him a new name, which was Smesten.

Smesten felt happy and safe, and he became a loyal and pretty dog. He quickly met the other dogs and they called him Smesten.

The puppy went to the doctor and they said he’s still healthy, he just needs good food to eat. It took 6 months, but now the puppy is really happy and doesn’t have to worry about being left alone again.

Watch hiѕ heart tᴏᴜching ѕtᴏry in the νideᴏ belᴏw!