After nine years apart: the emotional reunion between the girl and her beloved dog melted many hearts. w

A lady was very sad because she lost her dog for 9 years. But then she found her dog again and felt very happy! People who have pets and love them like they are part of their family are scared of losing them because of sickness or if they run away. A lady named Silvia had a pet dog named Maya. One day in 2011, Maya went missing and Silvia couldn’t find her no matter how hard she looked. She was very sad and thought she would never see Maya again.

Silvia was worried because she didn’t know if her dog was taken away or if something bad happened to him outside. Her dog was very small and it’s dangerous for him to be alone outside. Silvia’s mom was getting more and more sad as time passed. Silvia waited for a long time to hear from Maya, but she never did. Silvia thought something bad had happened to Maya and tried to feel better by thinking that Maya had found a new home. Then, in August 2019, Maya was miraculously found.

A news website called Tgcom24 told a story about a dog who was reunited with its owner after being missing for 9 years. The owner, Silvia, was very surprised and emotional when she saw her dog again. The people who helped find the dog worked really hard, even though it was difficult.

Maya had a special chip that helped find her. But the phone number that was given for her owner didn’t work anymore. The people looking for Maya had to do some searching to find the new address of her owner by calling her right away when they found her

When Silvia found out that Maya, her dog, was still alive and came back to her, she was very surprised but also very happy. At first, she couldn’t believe it was true until she saw that she could hug Maya again. All the sadness and pain that Silvia felt before disappeared right away when Maya came back. Now, Maya is 10 years old.

The dog Silvia lost before is not the same dog now, but Silvia still loves her very much. They met again and it was very emotional. This story shows that people never forget their love for their pets.