A woman discovered an abandoned dog near the river, with a weighty anchor tightly bound to his neck.//w

Once, a woman and her daughter from Lithuania found a wet and cold dog while they were driving. When they looked at it more carefully, they felt very sad. Someone put a big metal box around a dog’s neck and put the dog in the water to try to hurt him. Someone made a heavy thing to tie to the dog so it couldn’t swim and would sink in the river.

When the Petraškienės found the dog, he was very frightened and shaking because he had been through something difficult. Even though the person kept trying and didn’t give up, they might feel very scared and upset forever after what happened to them.

The Petraškienės found a little animal and took him home. They took him to the doctor and the doctor said he was healthy, but he was scared because someone was mean to him before. Audra saw something that made her very angry. She wanted to talk to the person who owns the dog involved. She wrote about it on Facebook and someone who said they were the owner replied.

He said that someone took his dog and tried to hurt him by putting him in the water with a heavy thing. Even though Audra found who the real dog owner was, she told the police to check that he didn’t do anything wrong. The dog and his owner were hurt by someone who wanted to get back at them. The neighbor of the owner was the one who took the dog and tried to hurt him.

Today, the dog has been reunited with his owner and is being loved and cared for. Watch the video of the rescue below.