A sweet act of friendship sees a gentle geese take care of her best friend’s dog.

Nothing can stand in the way of real love and friendship, as this fluffy dog and downy goose demonstrate. It’s fascinating to observe interspecies connections. They are proof that friendships can grow between the most unlikely of friends with a little compassion and tolerance. Even a goose may act as a nanny for puppies and assist their mother in keeping an eye on them.

When the owner of this adorable Samoyed brought home a little yellow gosling, she had no clue that the two would become inseparable best friends one day. But that is precisely what occurred. The Samoyed was charmed with the gosling from the moment he arrived at the home. She was fascinated with the baby and the two became best friends. The dog kept an eye on the gosling, and as she grew older, she even fed and watered the goose.

They were inseparable, they played together, and they got up to all kinds of trouble together. When her goose friend went swimming in her own pool, the dog kept an eye on her. They grew so close that it seemed like they were the only two people in the house, yet there was also a poodle.’

It was quite a sight to watch the huge white geese running beside a fluffy white dog as if it were the most natural thing in the world after the goose grew up. They were so close that when the dog’s puppies were born, the goose volunteered to be their nanny.

Watching this nanny goose mother the little puppies as if they were her own is the greatest thing in the world. Proof that she and the dog have a very strong and genuine relationship. She assists her best buddy in raising her puppies side by side, like all good friends do.