A puppy that has been abandoned and is injured is seen wailing for help as it crawls along the beach.

It was a scorching hot day when I decided to take a walk on the beach. As I walked along the shore, I noticed a small, furry figure lying on the sand. As I got closer, I realized it was a tiny puppy, no more than a month old. The poor thing was trembling and appeared to be in a great deal of pain. I approached the puppy and gently picked her up. She was so small and light, weighing less than a kilogram.

As I examined her, I saw that she had a neck injury that appeared to have been caused by external force. I could not believe that someone could abandon such a young, vulnerable creature on the beach like this. I knew I had to help the puppy, so I took her to the nearest veterinarian. The vet examined her carefully and confirmed that the puppy had polio, as well as a serious neck injury.

The injury was causing her to tilt to the right and preventing her from standing up straight. Despite the challenges, the veterinarian decided to give the puppy a fighting chance. He bandaged her neck carefully and started her on a treatment regimen. I stayed by her side throughout the entire process, providing her with comfort and support.

Days turned into weeks, and the puppy – who I had named Mulan – began to make progress. Slowly but surely, she regained strength in her legs, and her neck injury began to heal.

However, the process was still long and grueling, and Mulan was still too weak to walk on her own. That’s when the vet suggested that we try a wheelchair. At first, I was hesitant, but then I saw how happy Mulan was when she was able to move around on her own. Her tail wagged with excitement, and her eyes sparkled with joy. I knew that this was the right decision.

From that day on, Mulan became a little speed demon, zipping around in her custom-made wheelchair. She was still small and fragile, but her spirit was unbreakable. She had been through so much, but she never gave up. As time passed, Mulan continued to grow stronger and healthier.