An emotional encounter story: a pregnant dog is standing in front of a car begging for help. w

Jade is a nice and faithful dog who used to belong to someone. Sadly, her owners left her alone on the street, and she got hurt by a car. But a nice lady saw her and called for help.

Jade went to the doctor for animals, and she was very sick. She had been hurt and couldn’t walk well. She also caught a bad virus that can make dogs very sick or even die.

The vets and staff at the clinic tried all they could to help Jade. They stabilized her health and started the arduous process of restoring her. With round-the-clock care and attention, Jade slowly but surely began to restore her strength.

After a week, Jade began to eat on her own, and her mood lifted. With electrical acupuncture and physical therapy, Jade’s muscles eventually began to heal. After two weeks, she was finally able to stand on her own legs with a little bit of help.

Jade’s mental health also improved dramatically throughout her time at the clinic. She grew happier and more lively, much to the surprise of her guardians. Finally, after a few weeks of treatment, Jade was considered well enough to leave the clinic and come home.