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As a pet parent, we must be ready to face unforeseen circumstances, especially when it comes to medical emergencies concerning our furry friends. Although we can cope with life’s surprises, some situations may require professional help for our pets to thrive. One particular dog owner had to turn to Sidewalk Specials for assistance when they stumbled upon Chuckie during the rescue organization’s outreach program in De Doorns, South Africa.

Chuckie, a lovable four-year-old dog, was surrendered by his owner who had reluctantly decided to give him up for adoption. The decision was made because the owner could no longer provide the necessary care for Chuckie due to his deteriorating eyesight which made it difficult to keep him safe and well looked after.

Sidewalk Specials took Chuckie under their care and after a thorough check-up by their veterinarians, it was confirmed that he has lost complete vision in his left eye and is gradually losing it in his right. However, his visual impairment does not mean he cannot have a joyous life ahead.

Therefore, the rescue team made arrangements to secure a new loving home for Chuckie, where he would receive proper care. Chuckie, an adorable pooch, loves socializing with other dogs, cats, and kids, as per Sidewalk Specials. Additionally, he can enjoy strolling outside by following sounds or shadows. Here’s hoping that he finds his forever home and lives happily ever after!