A dog that has been abandoned and who is crying at every touch is saved by a bunch of heroes.

A little puppy that had been abandoned on the streets of India was in too much misery to endure. The dog was in such bad shape that it was difficult to tell what kind of animal it was when the neighbors alerted of its presence. She had been observed standing defenseless and alone in a deserted parking lot. Perhaps she is awaiting her demise, without hope and with no one to look out for her.

Fortunately, the employees at Animal Aid Unlimited made the decision to take action as soon as they learned about the dog in need. The group traveled to the location and discovered the dog, who they eventually called Helen, in the center of a building site, completely desolate, and hardly moving.

To earn Helen’s trust so they could save her, the volunteers handed her some cookies. They waited patiently for Helen to settle down before they approached her. They gently carried her to the shelter where they would provide her with the urgent veterinary attention she so desperately required.

The veterinarians at the shelter tried everything they could to restore her health. In addition to providing her with as much food and treats as they could, they gave her a special treatment to help her skin recover.

Helen eventually healed and is now unrecognizably changed, relishing her new life, thanks to all the love and care she received from these heroes.