A dog meets her adorable ‘twin’ on the street and convinces her owner to adopt him.w

Bethany Coleman already had a young rescue dog named Rogue and two older cats at home. Her boyfriend Tyson suggested getting another dog, but Bethany didn’t want to because they already had a lot of animals to take care of. They lived in an apartment in Boston and Bethany thought it would be hard to find a new place to rent if they had two cats and two dogs.

One day in October 2016, Coleman and his dog Rogue went to the farmers’ market. They saw another dog that looked exactly like Rogue. It turned out that the dog’s name was Beast and he was up for adoption. Coleman wanted to rescue him and bring him home. Coleman fell in love with an 8-month-old puppy named Beast and decided to take him home. His other dog, Rogue, also liked Beast and they looked very similar, so people often think they are siblings.

When Beast became part of the family, Rogue started to feel like she missed being the only child. Even though they got the same toys, Rogue always wanted what Beast had and would take it from him. They used to argue, but then they became really good friends and always did everything together. Beast is a dog who is much bigger than his friend Rogue, but he still thinks they are the same size. He doesn’t understand why he can’t do the things Rogue can do. Beast really loves his owner and will even step on other animals to get to her.

Rogue is a very smart and active dog, but she has a boyfriend named Beast who is big and loves to cuddle. Beast is like a big baby who likes to be close to Rogue and even competes with the cats for attention. Before she met Beast, Rogue was very energetic, but now she has calmed down and is more relaxed because she has a boyfriend. They all live together in Hawaii and are very happy together.

When the dogs moved to a new place, they had to stay away from their family for a while. But when they finally saw each other again, it was like no time had passed. Their owner, Coleman, loves them very much and is excited to go on more adventures with them. Together, they are like their own little family, with two humans, two cats, and two dogs.