A breeder just dumped a “very pregnant” dog at a shelter.//w

Even though a 5-year-old dog had been used as a breeding machine for most of her life before she was abandoned, it didn’t take much to make her smile.

When Janine Guido, founder of Speranza Animal Rescue, was contacted this week by someone at a local shelter about Momma Goose, she knew she had to help the poor dog. “Momma Goose was surrendered to a local shelter two days before I got her,” Guido told The Dodo. “They unfortunately don’t have the place to accommodate her.”

Guido received a photo of Momma Goose from the shelter, which showed “a sad and very pregnant dog [who] spent her life as a breeder. Now, dumped at the shelter by her owners.” As soon as Guido picked her up, Momma Goose already seemed to be in brighter spirits as she rode to Speranza Animal Rescue. Even with her hugely pregnant belly, Momma Goose enjoyed a favorite canine pastime — riding in the car with her head out the window.

The vet said Momma Goose would give birth in the next seven to 10 days, so Guido set up a special little maternity suite for the dog and kept close watch on her. Sure enough, as soon as Momma Goose felt safe and secure, she started to go into labor. “Momma Goose surprised us,” the rescue wrote on Thursday. “She went into labor around 6:30 last night.” “She gave birth to nine pups,” Guido said. “All appear healthy at this time. And momma is doing well!”

Guido, however, was very nervous for Momma Goose all through the birth. She filmed a live video Thursday morning as she took Momma Goose to the vet to make sure everything was OK, as she seemed to be in a bit of distress. “Oh my god, I am a nervous grandmother,” she said. “This is so nerve-wracking.”

The pups, who will all be named after nursery rhymes once their sexes are determined, will be available for adoption when they’re 8 weeks old, Guido said. “And Momma Goose will be available once we get to know her as a ‘dog’ and not as a mom,” she added.

After all she’s been through, Momma Goose definitely deserves some pampering and special attention. “We are excited to show you that life has more to offer than being a breeding machine,” the rescue wrote. “Welcome to your new beginning, Momma Goose and pups.”